Environment, Health, Safety And Quality

We take the issue of Environment, Health, Safety and Quality very seriously. Our policy states: 

Giselle Homes Limited  will provide and maintain a safe, pollution-free and healthy working environment by complying with all applicable statutory guidelines, regulations and laws. To this end, all employee, contractors, and customers shall be adequately trained to ensure that they work safely in their respective functions and to protect the environment.


All employees/contractors are responsible for protecting the Environment, Health and Safety of her workers, customers and the community in which she does business according to this policy.

This policy shall be applicable to all employees, contractors, visitors and customers. All incidents, near misses and potential hazards that might lead to injuries to personnel or damage to equipment and the environment must be reported immediately to the nearest representative.

We are committed to sound performance in all aspects of our business including a safe and clean environment. Our commit helps prevent injury and protects all from work hazards and occupational diseases during the performance of work activities.